"Before his coaching began, I was working a minimum of 55 hours each week to hard-earned average results. While initially terrified to cut back my work hours and spend more time personally, I quickly realized working smarter and structuring my week for efficiency provided much peace, and surprisingly, no different production. Once I found the courage to give up my early Saturday mornings and at least one afternoon a week, I found more peace and less worry happened pretty immediately. Wade and I are currently working on the profit piece of my business. I have a psychology degree, and unfortunately, that didn't require a lot of business classes. My work with Wade in this area is critical with where I am in my career. In addition, I feel, as a business owner and a mom, I must continually be working to become a better version of myself, a better leader, a better mother, a better daughter, a better wife, a better friend and so forth. Working with Wade not only provides me with incredible insight in coaching but the accountability I need to ensure I don't forget about me. I think of him and his company like an oxygen mask in an airplane. They're that necessary."

Dennia Beard
Insurance Agency Owner - Benton, AR

Run Your Agency Well in 16-24 Hours per Week & Start Living the Life You Envisioned When You First Opened Your Business

"More Growth, Better Retention, Greater Quality Of Life & Less Work. Wade has helped me grow and develop my business. I've been able to get a handle on the lapse cancellation rate and clarity roles for my team members. I was working 60 to 70 hours a week, now I'm down to 30. If you're even thinking about doing the coaching program, I highly recommend you just do it. You'll get more quality of life than you've previously had, and it's a very dynamic program to work with."

Larry Hall
Insurance Agency Owner - Richmond, WA

Make 10-30% More Money...

Increase Revenues, Growth the Agency & Cut Low ROI Investments

In 5-20 Less Hours per Week...

Focus on 4 Critical Results & Eliminate, Delegate or Ignore Everything Else

Doing What You Do Best

Perform High Impact / High Income Activities Only (Let Go of the Rest)

"More Time Off, More Money, Less Stress Wade is fantastic. I have invested in all of Wade's programs and my return from them has been nothing short of PHENOMENAL! I am taking more time off to be with my family, increased my bottom line, and done so in a little over 6 months while decreasing my stress by a truckload. Wade is my pseudo-business partner and has earned my highest recommendation. He has helped me see areas in which our agency was week, and turned them into strengths so quickly it makes my head spin. The results just get better and better for me. If you want the same results in your agency, you should run, not walk, to Wade's websites and get started immediately on your own "more vacation, more money, less stress" success story!"

Brian Anastasio
Insurance Agency Owner - Albuquerque, NM

Expected Results

Results cannot be guaranteed legally, but we can guarantee the refund options.

"Less Work & Less Stress... More Fun & More Money. Since starting the program, I am consistently working a three day work week & delegating enough to possibly cut this down more. I am making more money & I am having more fun! I have taken up yoga and snow skiing with the time that I’ve freed up, with ZERO negative impact on my business or finances. I’ve decided to let my business work for me, not the other way around. Before starting the program, I was in the “always on” mode of compulsively checking my blackberry, giving customers my cell phone number and calling the office on my time off just to check on things. Wade’s program helped me eliminate those behaviors and replace them with things that are less time-consuming and more productive. Now, I do not own a blackberry, I do not give out my cell number and I have not called the office at all when I am out- which is a lot. My family is so grateful! Plus, they also like that my residual income has gone up significantly & P&C production is up as well. Thanks Wade!”"

Jenny Weidner
Insurance Agency Owner - Allen, TX


12-Month Private Coaching


or $1,500 x 12 Months

$10k Monthly Strategy Videos

24 Group Implementation Q&A Coaching Calls (2/Month)

Training & Member Site (Lifetime)

Videos, tools, scripts & templates

12 Private Coaching Calls

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

START NOW ($1,500 / Month)

12-Month Group Program


or $750 x 12 Months

$10k Monthly Strategy Videos

24 Group Implementation Q&A Coaching Calls (2/Month)

Training & Member Site (Lifetime)

Videos, tools, scripts & templates

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


START NOW ($750 / Month)
START NOW ($15,000) - Save $3,000
START NOW ($7,500) - Save $1,500

Double Guarantee

$24k Gains in 12 Months Guarantee

If you IMPLEMENT the work in the program and don't see at least $24,000 of total benefit in your first 12 months (between reduced costs and increased income), just email me your completed work and your Income Statement, and I'll gladly give you a full refund.

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  • RETENTION - Lapse Rate (Customer Defection Rate)
  • OVERHEAD - Base Salaries & Marketing Budget
  • PROFIT - Gross & Net Income
  • ROLE - Primary Work Done & Desired Role
  • LIFESTYLE - Hours Worked & Annual Vacation Days

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